• Florence Dobbie

Web Designs with Bookings Features

Updated: Jan 12

Lately, I've been designing a few websites for the fitness industry integrating timetable and class bookings features. I thought I'd share with you the great benefits of online bookings not only for a better client/user experience but also for business owners.

Below is a video showing how bookings can be made on the Mums Fitness Co. website I recently designed.

Class information and descriptions can be customised with images and text content. Scheduling can be organised through the back end of the website, either on desktop or via a mobile App. Features include the possibility of creating pricing plans or memberships, limiting the number of participants, creating your own cancelation policy, or customising the locations of your classes.

On the back end, using the App you can communicate to the clients who have booked a class, as well as cancel or add classes when you want. You have also the possibility of automatising your communication with your clients via emails or sms.

The possibilities are endless... and make your life as a business owner much easier by managing your classes, bookings and payments using only one App.

Here is the view of the timetable where clients can decide which class they want to book, well in advance.

Another Benefit of online booking is the creation of clients accounts. This is great for your clients as they won't have to enter their details each time they book a class, but they can also manage on their own secured profile their bookings and payment plans/memberships.

As a business owner, the advantage is obviously to make it easier for you to communicate with your clients, previous, current or future. It also allows you to create a database that you can then start contacting to share potential promotions, discounts or new products/classes that you may offer.

If this is of interest, don't hesitate to contact me to discuss further.

Thank you for reading this short blog on Online Bookings Feature for Web Design.