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Website Content & SEO - A case study on redesigning Nicole the Celebrant's website

When Nicole approached me, she wanted to update her website and was even thinking of getting a new website designed.

Her current website had been build a few years ago on the Wix platform but wasn’t driving much traffic. Her wedding celebrant business was listed on a few industry-specialised directories but most of her business was coming from word of mouth.

Website Audit

I first started by auditing Nicole’s website as well as doing some research online to see how her website compared to her competitors.

There were many reasons why Nicole wasn’t receiving any hits on her website. And it was not only because of the content.

Indeed the content was not optimised, but it was also hard to navigate and find the information users would be after.

There was a lot of information on Nicole’s website but it was disorganised. Nicole had great pictures but not making the best use of them. And lastly, the contact information was incorrect.

It is great that platforms like Wix & Wordpress allow non web developers to create their own website. However the mistake that business owners often make is get started on a template that isn’t going to work for them.

They first focus on the imagery and overall look of the website but miss the simple details.

And then they are so busy with their own business that they don’t complete the design of their website. That’s when they contact a marketing agency to help them fix it. And it’s not always that easy…

Because Nicole’s website had been built on Wix, I was able to work with her template and completely restructure the whole website. I find Wix a great platform to work with because you are never stuck with the way your website look, you can change everything very easily.

So my task was big but not insurmountable.

Website Update

Starting from scratch, I redesigned the menu navigation to make it clear, easy and catering for all types of users.

I designed a sample ‘Service’ page to start with, to see how I could incorporate the information, imagery, contact details, other services, a Call to Action and links to other pages.

Once Nicole and I were happy with the design of that page, I went along and created the other ‘Services’ pages. All the content was re-written to include relevant keywords that would allow her website to rank on Google and other search engines. With Nicole’s approval, I got rid of irrelevant information and created additional pages when necessary.

The overall result was not only a more attractive website, but it was much more informative and personal to Nicole with lots of images of weddings and ceremonies she officiated.

Last Words of Advice for Business Owners

My last advice to all the business owners wanted to design their own website is to get advice from a web designer before you get started.

Whilst Wordpress and Wix are easy to use, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort by getting a professional to design your website from the start. 

A web designer will create a website with intuitive navigation, a clear menu and interactive features throughout your website pages to suit all user styles.

The content & back end information will be correctly optimised for search engines. 

And here is what our happy client had to say:

"I'm so thrilled with the fantastic job Florence did on my Wix account . She worked tirelessly and was so understanding to my needs . The job was done so quickly as well.

I'm so happy!! "

Nicole Webster, Nicole The Celebrant - Sydney


Thank you for reading our blog on a new website design with focus on SEO and user experience.

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