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Graphic Design

Graphic designer based in Sydney

Business Branding & Logo Design


One of the first steps new business owners often start with is getting their business logo and business cards designed


Branding is actually a crucial aspect of your marketing plan, it should not be overlooked. The importance of getting it right from the start will determine whether you will talk to the correct target audience for your product / service.

Branding is a way to differentiate your business from your competitors.


Rufus & Flo can assist with the development or update of your company logo & branding guidelines ensuring correct positioning of your business for better engagement with your target audience. For more information about brand identity, have a look at this information.

Corporate Stationery, Flyers & Brochures

Consistency in your corporate branding should not be overlooked. 


Prospective clients can be introduced to your business via emails, business cards, brochuresflyers, staff uniforms, merchandise, etc... so it's essential to ensure all your communication tools always look professional and are correctly branded.


Maintaining uniformity of your brand throughout your corporate marketing collateral will ensure better brand recognition and professionalism.

At Rufus & Flo, we design flyers, brochures, gift vouchers, posters, event invitations, product labels, etc... 

All our designs are consistent with your branding and reflect your business image

We not only create the designs but we also can assist with wording to ensure all important information is included and calls-to-action are effective.

Promotional Collateral 


We graphically design promotional flyers, brochures, booklets, events invitations, events competition flyers, events banners etc..., ensuring they follow your business brand guidelines whilst being engaging to your audience.

Product Labels & Packaging Design

Product Labels and Packaging are an essential part of your image, it's often the first introduction of your business to your customers.

It can be challenging to mix branding with important information about your product and your business.

Our product label designs capture the essence of your brand and combine it efficiently with product information and business promotion.


Rufus & Flo can create your product packaging and product labels. No matter what size, shape or form, we will ensure your brand is represented accordingly.

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digital and social media marketing agency expert

We create digital and social media strategies based on your business objectives. If you're looking for brand awareness, sales conversion, lead generation, or customer retention, we will use the latest tactics to reach your target audience.

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