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Social Media Management

Social media marketing experts based in Sydney

Social Media Management


Social media has become an inevitable marketing tool today. Whilst it can provide your business a great opportunity to reach your current & prospective customers, it's important to have a social media strategy in place. 

What digital and social media channels should you focus on? When should you post on social media? How often? and what type of posts? These are crucial questions that we can assist with.

At Rufus & Flo, we create social media marketing strategies to integrate your digital and social media channels and promote your products and services to your clients.

Getting Started with social media?


Rufus & Flo can get your business started on social media by selecting the appropriate social media channels to communicate with your clients and prospective clients. We can set up social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TiktokLinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.


We can also create monthly social media calendars, and design post templates for Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc... to help you create more brand awareness for your business. Social Media calendars include the right balance of promotional, inspirational, educational posts to keep your audience interested and engaged on social media.

These social media templates will then allow you to  take ownership of your social media channels and start creating strong and personalised relationships with your audience. 

Social media marketing - experts based in Sydney

When we design social media template posts, we want you to be able to use and adapt them to your needs. Our social media calendars will provide you with ideas and ways to ensure your business and brand are exposed. 


 When creating social media schedules, we ensure your social media pages reflect your brand, showcase your business services whilst engaging with the right balance of educational, inspirational, entertaining and promotional social media posts. 

Example of social media advertising for fitness client on Instagram and Facebook

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a cost-effective way to promote your business directly to a very well targeted audience. Much more flexible than traditional marketing initiatives, advertising on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn can be very effective for your business

Customers can be targeted by location, age, gender, interest and other criteria that other digital and printed advertising tools can't provide.

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digital and social media marketing agency expert

We create digital and social media strategies based on your business objectives. If you're looking for brand awareness, sales conversion, lead generation, or customer retention, we will use the latest tactics to reach your target audience.

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