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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Sydney Based Agency

Why should we invest in email marketing?​

Email marketing is on average 40% better at converting sales than other digital and social media marketing channels.

When well utilised, Email Marketing is a great way to communicate to your customer database about the launch of new products and services, changes in your business, product and service promotions.


At Rufus & Flo, we have close to 20 years of experience in marketing with a specialisation in digital and social media. We can create a digital media strategy that will suit your business within your industry at the specific stage you are at. But first, we need to sit down and discuss what your marketing  and business objectives are. 

We can help you grow your database and create an email marketing calendar to assist you with communicating with a database of current and potential customers in a timely manner.

Is email marketing really working?​

The short answer is yes, if well planned and utilised.


Our email marketing strategy package includes identification of your target market, competitive analysis to create an email marketing strategic plan to optimise results in brand awareness, lead generation, sales conversion and retention. We'll work with you to establish which marketing objectives to focus on.

So how does email marketing work best?


You must be wondering how often you should email your customers, and what content.

This is where we are here to help you!

At Rufus & Flo, we have close to 20 years of experience in marketing with a specialisation in digital and social media. We can create an email marketing calendar as well as email templates and content calendar, so that you can then go on your own and work with those ideas. Or we can create emails and send them out to your database on your behalf.

Whatever suits you, your business, your marketing budget.

Contact us to organise a chat.

And how about lead generation?

Good question!

This is probably the first step in email marketing, looking at your customer database.

We will work with you to identify good quality leads for your business and come up with lead generation marketing campaigns to acquire those leads.

Drop us a line so we can start discussing your marketing objectives and come up with a digital marketing strategy that will best suit your business and marketing budget.

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We design responsive websites with unique layouts and easy navigation for greater user experience.  

We ensure all text and image contents showcase your business products & services and are optimised for SEO purposes.

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From business cards, corporate  stationery, promotional flyers, brochures & booklets to event banners, posters and labels we design marketing collateral that reflect your branding and promote your business.

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Need any help with your social media?

We design social media calendar and posts templates to provide you some inspiration and ideas to create brand awareness, promote your business, products and services and generate sales. 

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