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Wild Blends - Case Study

Fri. 7th October 2016 - Blog by Florence Henriot

Wild Blends owner Chantel Arcuri appointed Rufus & Flo to assist her with the launch of her business and all things to do with marketing. We designed Wild Blends logo and marketing collateral & promotional material, we built an e-commerce website to allow her to sell her range of organic teas online and we are working on Wild Blends social media strategy.
Along the way I provided Chantel with business and marketing advice based on my experience of managing a marketing department for small and medium businesses.

e-commerce website

Wild Blends owner Chantel Arcuri appointed Rufus & Flo to create a customised e-commerce website for her brand. 

e-commerce website sydney web designer
When not familiar with website design, it is important to talk to a web professional. A lot more details which are not necessarily related to web design are important to design a effective website: selection of images, content & text creation, graphic design...
After a couple of meetings, I presented Chantel with my suggestion of her website layout and navigation menu. Chantel was happy with the direction I had taken and let us continue this way. Wild Blends' website was created with the Shopify platform which helps her manage her orders and receive secure payments through Paypal.

The whole website content was written with SEO and reader engagement in mind. Wild Blends website is also responsive to all device sizes: Iphone, Android, Ipad, tablets, desktop, etc...

Check Chantel's website on

Chantel's focus was on finalising the range of teas she wanted to launch and let all marketing responsibilities to myself. I advised her to appoint a professional photographer and helped her brief them to make the most of her photoshoot. Rufus & Flo also designed her logo, product labels and all marketing collateral including business cards, product flyers, promotional posters, gift vouchers, sample stickers, etc...
E-commerce website product page

Graphic Design

Rufus & Flo graphically designed Wild Blends logo, marketing collateral, business cards, product labels, sample stickers, product range brochures and flyers, promotional posters, gift vouchers, etc...
Graphic Design
Marketing Collateral

Original Customised Business Cards

Modern Promotional Flyers

Chantel Arcuri, Wild Blends Owner


The work that Rufus and Flo (Florence) did on my business was nothing short of amazing! 

I was a new business starting out so she designed my website, labels for my packaging, flyers and business cards, as well as taking care of my social media. Not only did Florence do this but she also offered great business advice too!

Her work is absolutely fantastic and I am so impressed by the final results. All her work looks very professional and I know it will take me to the next level with my business.

I have already had such good feedback about her work.  She is always so professional and so easy to work with, always going above and beyond. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to design a website, marketing material or help with developing your social media.

Social Media

Rufus & Flo is in charge of Wild Blends social media marketing strategy.

Wild Blends social media strategy started a month prior to the launch of Wild Blends range of organic teas & its website. We post 3 times a week on Facebook, Instagram and Google+ Wild Blends accounts.


We first started to create interest around the upcoming range of organic teas hand blended by naturopath and owner Chantel Arcuri.


We then promoted the launch of the range of teas being available for online purchase on Wild Blends website via all social media accounts and with the use of social media advertising (Facebook advertising mainly).


All our social media posts are graphically designed and branded to ensure Wild Blends brand is exposed.


We are as well in charge of increasing Wild Blends following (0ver 500 real and organic followers on Instagram under 3 months)

Social Media

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