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Social Media

Social Media
Blog - 10th November 2019 - Florence Dobbie

At Rufus & Flo, we create social media marketing strategies for businesses to promote products and services, expose brands and start a relationship with your target audience. 

All our social media posts and ads are graphically designed, branded to ensure your business is exposed and fit with your brand identity. 

When creating social media schedules and social media ads, we ensure your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages reflect your brand, showcase your business services whilst engaging with your audience using the right selection of images, text and quotes.

Social Media tips - how often to post

And once your posts are created, scheduled, we monitor their effectiveness and report back to you on a regular basis so we ensure you are making the most of your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

how to read engagement on social media

But what about Social Media ads?

Ads on Instagram and Facebook are a great way to boost your engagement, create brand awareness and generate leads and sales. At Rufus & Flo, we can help design, create, manage ads on both platforms.

social media ads on facebook and instagram
social media ads
social media ads
social media ads

Some of the clients we helped with social media

Wild Blends.png
marketing management business strategyl.

We create marketing strategies that will match your business lifecycle; may you want to launch your business and don't know where to start or if your business is at a growth or maturity stage and you're looking at generating more leads and sales. 


When we create brand identity for businesses, we identify the target audiences and provide a comprehensive competitive analysis.

From there we define brand values, unique selling points and vision for the business.


We create digital and social media strategies based on your business objectives. If you're looking for brand awareness, sales conversion, lead generation, or customer retention, we will use the latest tactics to reach your target audience.

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